Hemera Nude

Hemera Nude

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Hemera was the goddess of daytime and daylight and was one of the primordial deities which were the first borned gods acording to Greek mythology.


Hemrea was daughter of Erebus the god of darkness and Nyx, the goddess of night. Hemera and her mother Nyx was in the underworld Tartarus, but the never met each other. The reason was that Hemera (day) left Tartarus just as Nyx (night) entered it, when Hemera (day) return Nyx (night) left. 


Hemera in Greek is "Ἡμέρα" and that means Day. 


The Ornament

The exquisite ornament ("η δίνη”) as the Greeks named it, symbolizes a swirl. The meaning is the way that life is being created or the circle of life. It's a powerful symbol and can be found in many ancient civilizations all around the world.  Spirals have been seen in vases, jewelry, clothing and weapons and in every aspect in nature, like the tides in the oceans and winds.


All Maggio shoes have beautiful ornaments and this one makes the front of the Stiletto very noticeable with a beautiful golden buckle.


Upper material: Nappa

Lining: Leather

Insole: Leather

Outsole: Leather

Padding type: Cold padding


Care instructions: Treat with a suitable protector before wear



Shoe tip: pointy

Shoe coutout: Calssic french

Heel type: Classic Round stilleto

Fastening: Slip on

Details: Golden Ornament

Heel Height: 7,5 cm