Astrea Porcellana

Astrea Porcellana

€ 320,00


The design is inspired by the Greek nature and the beutiful colors that reminds our founder of Greece.


Astraea in Greek is Ἀστραίᾱ wich means "star-maiden" or "starry night". Astraea is the daughter of Zeus and Themis and is the beautiful virgin goddess of justice, innocence, purity and precision.

The say that the star-bright maiden lived on earth among men whom she blessed but was driven away by her father Zeus and set among the starts since she didn’t want to live among his laws and rules.


The ornament

The exquisite golden ornament is laurel leaves.


The laurel leaves have a symbolic meaning in ancient Greece and traces back to Greek mythology. The Greek gods and goddesses were wearing laurel wreaths like a special headpieces on their heads. It was a symbol of victory, power and glory and those how were them don’t strive to try to achieve anything more due to past successes. They were also awarded to victors in athletic competitions in the ancient Olympics.


All Maggio shoes have beautiful ornaments and this one has an ornament shaped like leaves on the side which gives a very unique look.


Upper material: Leather

Piping: Gold leather

Lining: Leather

Insole: Leather

Outsole: Leather

Care instructions: Treat with a suitable protector before wear



Shoe tip: Pointy

Shoe coutout: Calssic french

Heel type: Classic Round

Details: Golden Ornament

Heel Height: 9,5 cm